JLT Records


Evening Dance (1988)

  1. Evening Dance
  2. Short of Glory
  3. Wild Rivers
  4. Rachel
  5. Everything
  6. Still Falls the Rain
  7. Young Lovers
  8. Earth Under Foot
  9. Throughout the Years
  10. Yeldem

Engineered by: Billy Szawlowski
Produced by: Brian Danter
Executive Producer: Jim Thomson II
All Songs: On the Wing Music
All Songs Written by: Appler, Carvalho, Fox, Palombo
except Yeldem written by: Appler, Carvalho, Fox, Palombo, Szawlowski, Thomson

Red Square (1986)

  1. Still Falls
  2. Red Square
  3. Days Before Nights
  4. Wild Rivers
  5. What's Going On
  6. Short of Glory

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Legion Live (1986)

  1. Earth Under Foot
  2. Trees by the River
  3. Throughout the Years
  4. Maybe Someday
  5. I Am Me
  6. Young Lovers
  7. Everything
  8. Rachel
  9. Evening Dance

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