JLT Records


Welcome to JLT Records. This section will be of interest mostly to artists, sponsors, investors and people who want to sell us ancillary services. If you're an artist reading this and you're tempted to ask us if we're looking for talent, we're not. We are, however, looking for real artists who share a few basic ideas about life with us. We do have a philosophical base we're happy to share with you. This statement will also help you if you're considering working with us in other ways as well.

We believe in integrity and responsibility.

Integrity to us has two facets that matter to our business, personal and artistic. Personal integrity means that your life matches your words, and you are honest. Artistic integrity means that you create honest art, not stuff created because you think if will sell. Selling art is the job of our marketers. Our artists create and then we decide if and how to sell it. We do not encourage our artists to create "commercial" product. We won't sign what we think we can't market, but we want to encourage real art to develop and will sign what others will not. We also believe in giving. Musical ideas are free to us and some music should be free to others. Production and pieces of plastic are not free. We also like to eat and remain able to make music people enjoy. That's why we're looking to give some away and sell some. That's integrity to us.

Responsibility is also two faceted. Personal responsibility means that we look for artists who do not allow their moods to control their actions or their environment. Artists who have the most to offer others do not live in a bubble, regardless of financial success or fame. If you want to be worshipped, we're not really compatible. Only God is worthy of that kind of treatment and you're not Him. Personal responsibility is always keeping the self in check and not always believing your press.

Human responsibility is the rest of the story. Great art is never made for its own sake. Art reflects life with a view for change. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. Not all change is positive. We want people who are trying to be the change they want to see in the world. We want to see the strength of your convictions. We would rather build a Kingdom under God based on justice, liberty, beauty and truth, than build a financial music empire for ourselves. If you can identify with that, we'd love to hear from you.